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20+ Categories work waiting for you

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20+ Categories work waiting for you

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Aswathy P N

Software Engineer - Robert Bosch, CBE

Hi, I am Aswathy, recently got placed in Bosch, Coimbatore as software Engineer.I completed my M.tech in 2015.I have pursued my PG Diploma in Embedded Systems from CSEED. CSEED is the best training centre to enhance technical skills and provides placement opportunities in leading corporate houses and MNCs.The training courses are well organised and the efficient faculties are helped me to develop my technical knowledge in Embedded Systems.After the training classes, they provided quality projects to improve my technical ideas into experienced level.Then,they supported me to crack the interview by providing special placement classes. Those who are searching to get best training class in Embedded system and to get placement,CSEED is the best platform.


Amal Dev

Embedded Software Engineer - Robert Bosch, CBE

If you are looking for mentoring and guidance for a great career, this is the right place. I'm currently in one of the biggest MNC, only because of the great start I had from CSEED and their timely guidance and support. CSEED provides courses that share indepth understanding of concepts and provides hands-on project experience. Invest your time and you can earn a lifetime.


Amal Jose K J

Embedded Systems Engineer - NeST IT Pvt. Ltd.

My name is Amal Jose A J. Recently, I got placed at NeST Information Technologies Pvt ltd as Embedded Software engineer. I am a B-Tech graduate passed out in 2019.I was so passionate about working in my core field,especially in embedded.So l started looking for it.But I realized that to work in such a field you should have some technical exposure.Thats was the turning point in my life.I did some online search about the institutions which provide such a course.It was at this time, I heard good reviews about the CSEED.I approached them and at the first sight I was totally satisfied with their facilities and placement activities. CSEED offered me 6 months training in embedded system course.And also I got placed while I was pursuing my course here in CSEED, Thrissur.They did gave me not only some technical education but also some knowledge about how to become a professional engineer. In this duration I gained a lot of practical knowledge which increased my confidence. They provide the complete tools and materials required for the training with regular assessments happening over time.The teaching method they follow is very effective that we can learn from the basics.Finally there in CSEED ,your total approach about attitude will also change ,which is the most important incredient in your career and life.Their placement trainings helped me a lot in increasing my confidence in each interview i attended. CSEED provide placement assistance for each student till he/she gets placed. I wil definitely suggest CSEED for all those who look up a career in embedded systems.Because you cannot find such a good institution everywhere.


Priyanka E Sukumaran

Embedded Software Engineer - Robert Bosch, CBE

Hello Iam Priyanka E Sukumaran. Recently I got placed at Robert Bosch as Embedded Software Engineer. I completed my btech in 2017.I always wanted to work in my core field. I also tried to write some of the Govt exams. But the result was disappointing. After that I decided to do a job oriented course. Then I joined CSEED for 6 months embedded system course. They take each topic from the basics so that we can learn thoroughly. Teachers are very co-operative so that we can clear our doubts. Their placement trainings helped me a lot to improve my technical skills. They provide correct guidance to crack a interview so that we can prepare well. Placement assistance are so good and effective. For all those students who are looking for a job in their core field CSEED will be a good place to make a first step.


Amrtha Anand

Embedded Engineer - Tata Elxsi

My name is Amrtha, recently got placed in Tata Elxsi.
I have completed PG diploma course in Embedded Systems from CSEED and it is the place where I studied how to fill the gap between theoretical knowledge and industrial needs. Faculties are highly talented and they bestowed me with proper guidance to comprehend the course. Also they provided me with required hardware and software to do quality projects and assisted throughout. Such practical exposure had given me the skills to crack interview. No good words to replace a wonderful learning experience. My sincere gratitude to entire team.


Sanchu Francis

Embedded Engineer - Navicom Technology International Pvt Ltd.

My name is Sanchu Francis Working at Navicom Technology International Pvt Ltd. I am a 2018 ECE passout from Karunya College of Engineering. After my B.Tech I was searching for a Embedded Systems training. After a long search of different training centers and certifications, I joined CSEED. CSEED is the best Embedded Training Institute to learn practical as well as theoretical knowledge and a best place to gear up your career in a core embedded industry. Management and faculty member supports till you get placed. They provided lots of opportunities to me. We were taught from the very basics of Embedded Systems Design which made it easier for students from all the levels. As a fresher it is difficult to get into Embedded Design field, but the training at CSEED made a huge difference in my career by giving best training and placement assistance to get me placed at Navicom.


Abhay Kumar P A

Embedded Software Engineer - Robert Bosch

My name is Abhay, recently got placed in Bosch. I've pursued my PG diploma in Embedded Systems from CSEED and it is the place from where I got novel ideas on how to bridge the theoretical knowledge and industrial aspects. The outstanding efficient faculties over there guided me in all my endeavors and aided me in the successful completion of my course. They also provided me with necessary hardware and software to do quality projects. Such a creative exposure had boosted my skills to crack the interview. Words are too short to express my gratitude to the institution and for the immense learning experience it has given me. I am indebted to the whole team and hereby express my sincere gratitude.


Afsal P M

Senior Engineer Hardware - Nimble Wireless

My name is Afsal, working as a Senior Hardware Engineer at Nimble Wireless Electronics is my passion .In this field we need updation and aware of new technologies. So i decided to join CSEED for Embedded course. They provide me good theoretical and practical knowledge about electronics and emebedded system. Excellent teaching faculties and friendly behavior at there so i can learn things more easily .They provided me lot of opportunities and training in embedded system. I got placed as a Senior Hardware Engineer because only with the help of CSEED and team. Thank you so much to CSEED giving me proper guidance and wonderful experience.


Shafeek T A

Senior Software Engineer - Robert Bosch

Myself Shafeek T.A, Recently got placed at Robert Bosch. I enhanced my skills in C programming, ARM processors, CAN, RTOS, Protocols at CSEED study center. The modules that were covered at CSEED are designed very comprehensively that it helped me get into BOSCH with much ease and the modules were taught very practically with hands on session. The facility there at CSEED is such that both Class and labs are going in parallel so it helps us a lot to learn topics very easily. Weekends we had visiting faculties from Tata Elxsi and Siemens, which helped us a lot to know about the product development stages and industry standards. Thanks to CSEED management & trainers.


Kiran Ghosh

Embedded Software Developer - GST Global

I’m Kiran Ghosh, Employee at UST Global, Coimabatore. When i was in search of job after my B.Tech, one of my friends was undergoing training at CSEED. I enquired about training and placement details and joined for PG Diploma in Embedded Systems & IOT at CSEED. I have enhanced my technical skills under guidance of experienced trainers having good subject knowledge. They have individual guide facility for the first month foundation session which helps students to start from fundamentals and basic electronics. They teach each module as an internship with perfect blend of theory as well as practical sessions. They have an industry aligned syllabus in embedded systems such as C programming, Microcontroller programming and interfacing, ARM, ROTOS, EDA, Communication protocols, SBC, IOT and MATLAB. The Trainers and placement services from CSEED is very helpful for the students until they got placed in core industry. I am very much thankful to all my trainers, placement team and to the management to securing a dream career in core MNC.


Savithry T S

Embedded Senior Software Engineer - Robert Bosch

I’m Savithry T.S; I completed B Tech-EEE in 2013 but didn't get opportunities in college. After my graduation was on the look for jobs, but didn't find opportunity in good companies. Then I heard about CSEED from one of my friends. As from EEE background, during college I had limited knowledge about embedded systems but after undergoing courses at CSEED, I learnt about embedded systems and got confidence which helped me to crack the interviews. The faculties here taught us well and covered Modules (C, C++, PIC, ARM, RTOS, SBC, EDA and LINUX) which are required for Embedded and software Industry. The classes are very good and for each batch there is individual coordinator which is very helpful in asking questions and clarifying doubts. Their Whatsapp groups with admins working at core domains for discussions and doubt clearing are really helpful for subject revisions. Best thing about CSEED is we get opportunities until placed. Now I’m working at Robert Bosch as Firmware Developer. CSEED provided me a lot of opportunities which really helped me to achieve this.


Renjith Raju

Embedded Engineer - Altran Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

I’m Renjith Raju working at Altran Technologies. I searched for part time course in Embedded systems design and found CSEED, Providing training in Basic Electronics, ARM, MatLab and Embedded testing which helped me to increase my theoretical and practical knowledge. They have weekend mentors from MNCs, providing Industrial training in Project Development stages and Industry Electronics. They have efficient monthly revision tests, Whatsapp groups with admins working at core industries for subject discussions and doubt clearing. I am very thankful to all the trainers and management staff for their utmost effort to groom me and helped to get the new job in Embedded Systems.


Zenbakh Iqbal

Member Technical Staff Embedded - HCL technologies Ltd

My name is Zenbakh Iqbal. Recently I got placed at HCL technologies as Embedded Software engineer. I have completed my BTech in 2018.After my studies I tried to get job in core electronics field. But the results were disappointing. Then I realised that without any training or experience we cannot get into this field and after lot of online works I got into CSEED. CSEED provided me 6 months training in embedded system course.In that duration I gained lot of practical knowledge which increased my confidence. They provide the complete tools and materials required for the training with regular assessments happening over time.The teaching method they follow is very effective that we can learn from the basics.Their placement trainings helped alot in increasing our confidence in each interview we attend.CSEED provide placement assistance for each student till he/she gets placed. I would suggest CSEED for all who look up a career in embedded systems.



My Name is Gokul. I did a 6 months couse in Embedded Systems from CSEED. The hardware and software faculties provided by them helped me to do a number of quality projects. I was able to excel in both coding logic and also in the hardware implementations. It was a great learning experience and the tutors were very friendly and gave me utmost support. It became one of the main turning point in my life and helped me to find the right path for my career. I am conveying my sincere regards for the whole team for giving me the required exposure and for providing a great start for my career. The concepts that I learned from CSEED are helping me a lot in my career right now.


We'll always match you up with opportunities that are the right fit



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