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Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing

Mobile has become an evitable part of our life. Hence, Mobile testing course is highly demanding. Mobile testing is the process by which application software developed for hand held mobile devices are tested for its functionality, usability and consistency.Mobile application testing can be an automatic or manual type of testing. Mobile apps have found uses in all aspects of our life. From the simplest of chores to more complicated decision making, mobile apps have been developed to handle all our work and our dependency on the mobile device is only going to increase. This demand for the mobile and app technology has consequently led to an increase in the demand for mobile application testers who can test the functionality and applicability of mobile apps. There are different types of mobile devices and they are running on different platforms. A mobile application tester will ensure that the apps are running successfully on different mobile devices, different configurations, different hardware and software and different mobile operators, giving the user a seamless experience.


Smartphones use various operating systems, mainly Android and iOS, to run programs. Over time, these systems need to be updated to remove bugs and fix problems. It is the Mobile test engineers who create these updates and test them for effectiveness.A Mobile Test Engineer need to identify and document test cases for multi-component systems from requirements.They must coordinate and communicate with developers on bug fixes and required modifications. They need to execute test cases and document software defects. Mobile test engineers should perform tests on mobile devices, software, and apps, and provide software developers with improvement tips. Becoming a mobile test engineer is the best option for anyone interested in wireless technology and science. Mobile test engineers may work alone or in groups.

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