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Robotics & Mechatronics Internship

If you are a student comfortable with both mechanics and computer programming and having a drive to build new things, consider Internship in Robotics & Mechatronics

Most of the production, manufacturing and material handling industries are looking for alternatives to increase the productivity, which will soon get reflected in the jobs sector with the adoption of robotic systems in these industries. Robotics can be applied to a variety of tasks that we need to perform within and outside our home. Apart from special applications like handling hazardous situations and tasks that need high accuracy and speed, a new area of robotics called ‘service robotics’ has begun to develop. It targets medical, space, underwater and housekeeping applications. Obviously, these applications may demand smart vision, smooth fluid motion, interaction with the environment and artificial intelligence. This must create a very favourable situation for students (who are seeking a career in robotics) to apply their skills in order to support the developments in this connection.

Robotics is going to be one of the biggest industrial catalysts and major factors for growth in production and material handling facilities. Engineering students can avail this opportunity by selecting robotics as one of the career options.

Through Internship in Mechatronics and Robotics, keep yourself updated with the latest technological trends in this field to get an edge over your competitors

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