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PCB Designing and Fabrication

PCB Designing and Fabrication

Every time we can’t go by placing components on bread board, test  and implement it.This  is tedious.So the best alternative is to design a PCB using software.PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a thin board of fibreglass or laminated material in which self-contained interconnected electronic components are usually found. It is made to electrically connect and mechanically support all the electrical components. It is designed to do this by using conductive tracks or through the laminated copper sheets.The process of PCB designing consists of various processes like designing, etching, printing etc.The combination of all these processes result in designing of circuits on a signal board layout.

Emergence of India as a global economy has created a huge demand for electronic products.With the help of different softwares available in market,designers are able to develop their own PCBs.


A printed circuit board designer is one who specializes in electronics and understands the technology behind PCBs.The prime role of a printed circuit board designer is to develop and test PCBs. Each design shall vary in size and complexity depending on the application. A PCB designer works at an engineering firm or a manufacturing facility. The designer’s job is to create the desired board’s functionality using specialized software. Each board need be designed to precise specifications, and the designer has to verify that it will work under various conditions.

They need to assist in preparing test procedures and developing test fixtures to verify PCB functions.They will also be able to develop schematics and then produce PCB layouts and manufacturing/assembly data packages for a variety of products. Printed circuit board designers use computer-aided design (CAD) tools to build circuitry that will be assembled onto these boards and  specify how the connections will be arranged.


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